There are millions of subcontractors in North America. In order to stand out to general contractors and get invited to bid on the jobs they want, subcontractors need to find every advantage they can to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are three qualities that general contractors look for in subcontractors.

1. Subcontractors who submit bids on time

Subcontractors receive hundreds of bid invites a month, and there are more jobs and bids than they have time for, so it’s important to prioritize the ones that matter, and ensure they don’t miss bids that count. Each bid invite has multiple dates and addenda to track and come in through all forms of communication such as email, fax machines, and phone calls. Construction is extremely deadline-driven, which is why general contractors look for subcontractors that can organize all of the noise.

General contractors award jobs to subcontractors they can count on. That means getting bids in on time and not missing deadlines. Without a central calendar to track, sync, and update important dates, it’s easy to miss bids and deadlines. With an online bid board and calendar, subcontractors can display all of their key dates in an easy-to-use calendar to stay on top of due dates and manage workloads. With general contractors, punctuality leads to profitability.

2. A reputation for delivering high-quality work

Subcontractors can submit every bid on time, but if they don’t have a good reputation, it won’t matter. It starts with the preconstruction process and goes all the way through to the finished product. Their reputation is a culmination of everything: how they present themselves, the people they employ, the technology they use, how they communicate, and the quality of their work and craftsmanship. General contractors, especially the top 400 ENR, choose subcontractors that have a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality work.

To complete high-quality work, subcontractors need to manage their team’s workloads and have visibility into the projects that are coming up. This gives them time to deliver their best work, and focus on their clients and the projects that are most important. Successful subcontractors never let an important job slip through the cracks and recognize the importance of implementing processes that make it easy to keep track of everything.

3. Good communicators that build lasting relationships

Construction is a handshake industry built on relationships. General contractors don’t want to work with subcontractors that are one-and-done after every project. They look for partners that they can build lasting relationships with. The foundation of every partnership starts with effective and efficient communication, from the bidding process to proposals to the final product.

The best way to build strong relationships is to submit bids on time, complete high-quality work, and communicate effectively. To become a better communicator, subcontractors need to implement a technology platform that enables them to centralize everything they need in one place. This will lead to not just winning more work, but winning the jobs they want from the general contractors they want to work with.

Get your calendar in order and be the subcontractor that general contractors want to work with.


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