So far this year, Bowman Flooring Contractor has increased its win rate by 25% and increased revenue by $9 million.

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Bowman Flooring Contractor is a Georgia-based subcontractor specializing in commercial ceramic tile, marble, and hard tile installations. The company primarily works on fast casual restaurants, quick service restaurants, and chains like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Panera Bread, Burger King, and Arby’s, to name a few. So far this year, the company has increased its win rate by 25% and revenue by $9 million by implementing Bid Board Pro by BuildingConnected.

To find out how they did it, we sat down with Mike Adams, Senior Project Manager at Bowman Flooring Contractor, who shared the inside scoop on the three things Bowman Flooring Contractor did to increase its revenue and win rate.

Moved away from Excel to an online bid board

Before BuildingConnected, Bowman Flooring Contractor managed bids through email and Excel spreadsheets. At the time, the company only had two employees. The bidding process just involved the founder sending the bid invites that he wanted to bid on to Adams. The company was losing bids because they had no way to track anything, and were so busy that they didn’t know which projects to actually bid on, or where they could be most effective.

“The company was growing so fast that we would lose bids because we had no way to track anything. One day, BuildingConnected called me out of the blue. After we did a demo, it became apparent right away that Bid Board Pro was exactly what we needed. Within a week we were managing everything online.”

The ability to track all of their bids in one place and view important dates increased Bowman Flooring Contractor’s efficiency and allowed them to stay ahead of important deadlines and start winning the jobs they wanted.

Prioritized and optimized bids to increase revenue

“This year has been a record year for Bowman Flooring Contractor. We’re $9 million over where we were last year, and we’ve increased our win rate by 25%. We normally average 300 restaurants per year, but this year we’re already contracted to do 380.”

A big reason why Bowman Flooring Contractor is having a record year is that they improved how they tracked bids and moved their bid board online. The company gets a lot of bids from all over the country. It’s very time-consuming to weed through those, pick the ones they want to bid on, and put out proposals.

Now, BuildingConnected is a huge part of how they manage bids on a daily basis. It allows them to put everything in one place so they can easily track and assign bids, increase efficiency, and prioritize jobs they’re more likely to win.

Tracked historical data to improve project manager collaboration

As a Senior Project Manager, Adams’ day-to-day job entails controlling invitations to bid through BuildingConnected, which come via BuildingConnected or email, and distributing the projects to all of the project managers that do flooring. Bid Board Pro enables them to track data historically, allowing project managers to quickly and easily pull up past project estimates across the team to create better estimates for new projects.

Each project manager can also easily collaborate and look at the leaderboard, track GCs, and see the win rate. With everything in one place, Bowman Flooring Contractor never misses a bid. Adams attributes a lot of the success they’ve had this year to BuildingConnected because of the way they’re able to distribute invitations to the different project managers and track them.

“BuildingConnected has totally changed the way we do business. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without it. It has really helped Bowman Flooring Contractor become a leader in the space.”