Today, podcasts are a popular choice for staying up-to-date on the topics people care about — and the construction industry is no exception. Below, we’ve gathered seven of our favorite construction-focused episodes from leading podcasts.

Podcast: Helping Sells Radio
Episode: Connecting a Collaborative Yet Fragmented Industry With Software

Why we love it: Ok, ok… we might be a bit biased here, but this episode provides an amazing behind-the-scenes view into the inspiration behind BuildingConnected. Hear from our founder and CEO, Dustin DeVan, on how he got into construction, discovered pervasive problems facing the industry, and figured out how to solve them with technology.

Podcast: Construction Leading Edge
Episode: Seven Keys to Dealing with Change Orders

Why we love it: “Construction Leading Edge” is a leading podcast for construction professionals who want to grow their leadership skills, their businesses, and their income — all goals we can definitely get behind. In the inaugural episode, host Todd Dawalt shares practical advice for dealing with the inevitable in construction: change orders.

Podcast: The New Construction Leader Podcast
Episode: From Apprentice to Project Manager

Why we love it: Many people aspire to grow their career in construction, but determining the right path to get there can be challenging. Hear exactly how it’s done from Corey Munoz, project executive at Cupertino Electric. In this episode of “The New Construction Leader,” he shares how he went from apprentice to project manager, tips for running an effective project, and the importance of knowing exactly where you want to go in your career.

Podcast: a16z podcast
Episode: Construction Under Tech — Info Flows

Why we love it: This episode of the “a16z Podcast — with Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid; Greg Lynn, architect, professor at UCLA, and co-founder of Piaggio Fast Forward; and Gina Neff, sociologist at Oxford University — considers the problems facing the construction industry. Information flows are one area where tech is already making meaningful inroads into the construction process, but what will follow?

Podcast: The Construction Leaders Podcast
Episode: How to Achieve High Performance in Your Construction Company

Why we love it: The thesis here is simple: high performance comes from concentrating on the few tasks that will really make a difference in the results of your job and in the performance of your company. In this episode, Eric Anderton dives into a simple three-step framework that you can use to identify your most important outcome, the most important task that leads to that outcome, and how you are going to improve your performance of that task.

Podcast: CONEXPO – CON/AGG Radio: Construction Technology
Episode: Adopting Lean Construction Principles

Why we love it: Lean construction first began roughly 20 years ago, developed out of the need for tighter principles and practices for design and management. Today, it can help workflows become more predictable. Michael Carr, president of MOCA’s software products division Touchplan, joins this episode to discuss lean construction principles and his forecast of the future of the industry.

Podcast: Protractor Podcast
Episode: Why You Should Not Apologize for What You’re Charging

Why we love it: From 8th grade, Kirsten Erikson knew she wanted to go into the architecture and building industry. Fast forward to today: she’s launched her own design-build firm, and it’s been more successful than she ever imagined. In this episode, she shares her story, what contributed to her success, and why contractors should never sell themselves short.

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