A few weeks ago, our own Dustin DeVan took the stage at the Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating conference in Dallas, Texas. After his presentation with Barton Malow on effectively adopting new preconstruction technology, the audience had a ton of questions specifically about our products.

In case you’ve ever wondered similar things about what BuildingConnected has to offer for owners, general contractors, and subcontractors, we’ve addressed some of the top questions here.

1. When a general contractor uses BuildingConnected, is there a cost for subcontractors to get access?

Any subcontractor you invite when bidding out your projects can access BuildingConnected for free — they simply have to create an account.

2. Can you tell me more about BuildingConnected’s Bid Leveling feature?

When designing our Bid Leveling tool, the product team was hyper-focused on combining powerful features with ease of use. That means no formulas, no manual entry, and making it as simple as possible for businesses to accurately compare bids side by side. For more information, you can see a complete breakdown of the feature and watch the recording of our Bid Leveling Basics webinar.

3. How can BuildingConnected help owners?

Owners use BuildingConnected because it helps them tap into the largest network of general contractors and subcontractors in North America. With BuildingConnected, owners can find and easily qualify all the contractors needed for a project, manage sealed bids electronically, protect designs with NDAs, and more.

4. Is there any functionality for the tracking of historical data?

Yes. Once you begin using BuildingConnected (whether as a subcontractor, general contractor, or owner), you’ll find a variety of data in your account that will help you make better strategic decisions in the future. Track hit rates, measure project performance, identify historical costs — you name it.

5. Do any MEP contractors use BuildingConnected?

There are over 800,000 subcontractors using BuildingConnected that come from all trades, including MEP. Some top names in these disciplines include Walker Engineering, Benson Industries, and Innovative Mechanical.

6. How does BuildingConnected handle bid packages with different documents included across the packages?

It’s easy to upload projects and bid packages with multiple files in BuildingConnected. Here’s our handy FAQ for getting started.

7. How can we get buy-in from smaller subcontractors to bid using this software?

We’ve developed a ton of resources to help subcontractors bid through BuildingConnected, including:

  • A quick and easy how-to video
  • A step-by-step checklist for successful bidding
  • A cheat sheet to help get bids reviewed faster
  • A guide to setting up an awesome profile
  • A deep dive into Bid Board Pro

You can download the full toolkit here.

8. Most of our projects are confidential. Does BuildingConnected offer an NDA module?

Yes. When using BuildingConnected, you can require contractors to consent to an NDA with just a click, keeping your confidential information secure.

9. How is information in BuildingConnected shared among multiple offices?

Lots of BuildingConnected customers use Bid Board Pro, BC Pro, or TradeTapp across multiple offices, each tailoring their setup to their organization’s specific needs. Our platform makes it seamless to share data and analytics across offices or teams — no faxes, phone calls, or emails required.

Hear our customer Chandos Construction share how BuildingConnected makes cross-office communication easier in their testimonial video.

10. Is the qualification process free for both general contractors and subcontractors?

Owners and general contractors must pay to access TradeTapp by BuildingConnected, our robust qualification and risk mitigation platform. However, it doesn’t cost subcontractors anything to participate in the qualification process.


We loved getting to connect with the attendees at Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating, and we’re always excited to share what BuildingConnected has to offer. As always, if you have any additional questions about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’re happy to help!

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