Subcontractors should have a bid board that is specifically tailored to their needs. Often, the debate over the best way to manage bids comes down to Excel vs. an online bid board. But the problem is that Excel lacks visibility and centralization, is time-consuming and inefficient, can lead to mistakes with manual entry, and doesn’t offer any insight into bid history or performance.

We created Bid Board Pro — the first online bid board — to enable subcontractors to eliminate manual entry and consolidate everything needed to manage bids in one, easy-to-access place. Now, over 800,000 subcontractors use our platform, and we listen to all of their feedback. To make Bid Board Pro even better, we’ve introduced new features, including the ability to send all proposals through BuildingConnected, custom hit rates, inline editing, and a profit margin field for internal tracking.

Send all your proposals from BuildingConnected

send proposal

Bid invites come in from a lot of different sources. With this update, you can send all of your proposals to general contractors through BuildingConnected, regardless of where the bid invite was sent from. No need to distinguish between bids from BuildingConnected and outside sources. Bid Board Pro is now your one solution for the entire preconstruction process. Save time and get more proposals out the door.

Inline editing

inline header

Editing and tracking the bid info you need should be an easy task. That’s why we added inline editing to Bid Board Pro. No more searching for the right place to enter or update data. With inline editing, you can easily edit on the bid invite header, including the bid invite name, trade, bid number, group status, and group bid amount.

Custom hit rate

custom hit rate

Not every company tracks hit rate the same way. Now, you can customize your hit rate calculations on your analytics dashboard and leaderboard in order to better match your workflow. Hit rate data enables you to evaluate performance over time, make informed decisions about allocating or prioritizing resources, and bypass the noise of projects that were lost for reasons outside of your control. With the hit rates on your leaderboard, you can evaluate performance by individual estimator, client, subtrade, or office.

Profit margin field

The internal use card allows users to track all the relevant fields to their business for easy reporting. That’s why we added the ability to now track profit margin so that Bid Board Pro has the metrics necessary to assess the health of your business. Profit margin is your bid amount minus raw cost, divided by the bid amount.

Coming soon: A new way to work on your Bid Board!

side panel

Soon you’ll be able to easily get the bid details you need for each project without ever leaving your bid board. Make decisions on whether to accept or decline bids, assign out jobs, and track updates — all from Bid Board Pro.

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