This year has been a big one for Bid Board Pro.

BuildingConnected was acquired by Autodesk, we released a ton of new features, and our subcontractors received more bid invites than ever before on our network. Here’s some of what went down in 2019, plus a sneak peek of what’s coming next for Bid Board Pro.

The BuildingConnected network grew like crazy

This year, our network grew by 167,008 general contractors and 345,110  subcontractors. Plus, subcontractors in the BuildingConnected network received a whopping 26,001,976 bid invites on 1,029,392 projects.

We joined Autodesk Construction Cloud

Late last year, we were acquired by Autodesk and joined their suite of construction products. This year, Autodesk Construction Cloud™ was officially launched with the goal of helping the industry be more connected and collaborative.

As part of this goal, we’ve been working alongside other product teams, like Plangrid and Assemble, to bring subcontractors integrations that make their lives easier.

New features added even more value to Bid Board Pro

We developed several new features this year with the goal of helping subcontractors work better with their teams and win more bids. Here’s a rundown of our top new features from 2019.

March: Team Commenting
Keep everyone in your team on the same page.

April: Follow-up Dates
Easily set up follow-up dates with your GCs.

July: Bid Viewed Notifications
Get notified when a GC views your proposal.

August: PlanGrid Integration
Push files straight from your bid board to PlanGrid.

September: Reports 2.0
Save and share detailed reports that automatically update when new data comes in.

October: File Viewer
Save time viewing files and deciding to bid.

November: Work Service Areas
Get the right bid invites from GCs.

What’s next for Bid Board Pro?

The Bid Board Pro team is working hard to bring even more value to our platform. In the first few months of 2020, subcontractors can look forward to seeing a new, more robust takeoff tool, as well as grouping improvements so they can stay organized on more complicated projects.

Thanks for making 2019 our best year yet!

We truly believe that we do the best work when we build together, which is why we know the strength of BuildingConnected is in our customers. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to the BuildingConnected community.

Cheers to a great 2019—and to an even better 2020!

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