Comparing bids side-by-side can be a challenge, especially when it involves a gazillion Excel spreadsheets. That’s why we released Bid Leveling, the most efficient way to identify the best bid. Our new feature enables general contractors to plug forgotten or omitted values from original bids, easily track changes and versions, validate awarded bids, and maximize visibility and collaboration.

To provide an in-depth look at how to use the new Bid Leveling feature, we recorded a how-to video with Cooper Jobling, BuildingConnected’s Customer Success Manager, to help users compare bids side-by-side with pinpoint accuracy, avoid wasting time, and efficiently and collaboratively identify the best bid. In this video, Cooper teaches users how to adjust costs, line items and scope sheets, toggle between different revisions, reduce liability, quickly assess if the best bid meets the specified criteria, and export leveling sheets to owners.

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Get out of Excel and level your bids faster.


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