You want to get the best subs at the lowest cost for your projects. So you send out a bunch of RFPs and pick the lowest bidder. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Unfortunately for GCs, the bid leveling process is not only complex but also time consuming. Bids come back in all shapes and sizes. You have to manually input data into long spreadsheets, line everything up side by side, check for broken formulas, keep track of the latest versions…the list goes on and on. And often the lowest bid at first glance is too good to be true.

That’s why we set out to simplify the bid leveling process. And after 40 engineers and product managers and over 3,000 cups of coffee, we finally did it.

Introducing Bid Leveling: Leveling your bids has never been easier

Our #1 goal when designing Bid Leveling was to combine powerful features with ease of use. No formulas. No manual entry. Great for businesses large and small. And 100% secure.

Here’s how it works:

Find the lowest qualified bidder

Plug in any value, and watch the Adjusted Total instantly change. You can also toggle alternates on and off to see who’s really making the best offer.

Know who’s qualified

Instantly know which subs are qualified, and check their project limit, EMR, and much more. Use these insights to reduce risk upfront, and make smarter business decisions.

Collaborate with your team

Leave notes for yourself or your coworkers on any line item to stay organized and share information.

Bid Leveling Gif 3

Be transparent with your decisions

Show an owner why you chose a specific bidder by revisiting old proposal revisions or original values and plugs.

Bid Leveling Gif 4

More coming soon!

This is just the beginning of Bid Leveling. Soon you’ll be able to easily compare bids against your budget, and use conditional formatting to highlight outliers and blank responses. Stay tuned!

Bid Leveling Gif 5

Check out our how-to video to learn more about Bid Leveling, and contact us at to schedule a demo.