It’s no secret that BuildingConnected is growing fast. To accommodate our growth, we just moved into our brand-new headquarters in San Francisco. We wanted to highlight some of the people who make BuildingConnected such a special place to work. We sat down with our Head of Talent, Mario Espindola, to discuss how BuildingConnected is creating an extraordinary team focused on connecting every business in the $10 trillion construction industry.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a California native and grew up in a small farming town near Sacramento. I attended college at Chico State and majored in Organizational Communication and Marketing. I got my first taste of recruiting during an internship with a nonprofit on campus in Chico called Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE). I recruited student volunteers to lend their time to weekend projects, such as restoring trails and planting native plants back into their natural habitats in Marin and Sacramento County.

What brought you to BuildingConnected?

I consulted for several startups at a similar stage and size as BuildingConnected, and the thrill of being at a startup in hyper-growth mode had me hooked. I was looking for a company with a strong product that is improving the jobs and lives of their customers, as well as a smart, kind, and genuine team. When I met Dustin, Jesse, and the rest of the team, I was certain that I found the right next place for my career.

What is your role at BuildingConnected?

As the Head of Recruiting and Talent, I develop and drive BuildingConnected’s recruitment and talent acquisition strategies across all levels and departments. I partner closely with the Human Resources, People Operations, and Workplace teams to make BuildingConnected a world-class place to work for our employees, as well as candidates that are evaluating us as a place to grow their careers. The Recruiting, People Operations, and Workplace teams played a critical part in building the company from 70 employees to nearly 200 in 12 months. We pride ourselves on offering a stellar candidate and employee experience at all times, from your first day, to your annual work anniversary, to supporting our Employee Resource Groups, to creating inclusive and comfortable workspaces.

What’s unique about the culture at BuildingConnected?

The people at BuildingConnected are truly authentic and humble. We have a talented and brilliant team, but not a team of brilliant jerks. We are accepting to people of all walks of life. BuildingConnected embraces, supports, and welcomes diversity. We have a team that cares about one another and getting meaningful work done for our customers.

What’s your favorite BuildingConnected memory?

Moving into our new office this month has been amazing. Seeing everyone so excited to welcome in their new shiny home was really fun to watch. It was inspiring and motivating to see the look of awe on Dustin’s and Jesse’s faces when they walked into the new office on day one and to hear them talk about how far the company had come from when they started it in 2012 in one small room to now.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates?

Be authentic. In your first interview, show how you will be a good teammate to our group in the next 30 days, six months, and two years. We encourage people to be themselves at BuildingConnected, and we want everyone to contribute.

Do your homework about our company and the industry. Learn how impactful a platform like BuildingConnected is to the construction world. Not only is the total addressable market very large, but the positive change we provide our customers is massive, and the first time it’s ever been done. We certainly don’t expect candidates to be experts from the get-go, but we want them to know what our platform does and how it serves the industry.

Is there anything exciting coming up for BuildingConnected?

We just moved into our beautiful new two-story office in the historic San Francisco Chronicle Building in downtown San Francisco. To kick off the new office, we hosted our first internal “make-a-thon,” a hackathon for the engineering, design, and product teams. It’s all about freedom and creativity, and giving individuals and teams the opportunity to implement ideas of their own. We had 19 teams participate across four categories with awards for most customer value, most internal value, most innovative, and popular choice.

BuildingConnected is also in an exciting time on the product side. We also recently acquired TradeTapp, the best subcontractor risk analysis platform, and released Bid Board Pro, the first all-in-one online preconstruction management tool for subcontractors. That’s only the beginning. We’re very excited for 2019 and beyond.

Interested in joining our amazing team? Visit our careers page to view open opportunities.