When we first launched the BuildingConnected blog, we did so with some specific goals in mind.

First, we wanted to help our customers become better at what they do, provide tips to make their jobs easier, and help them grow their careers. Second, we wanted to inspire them with the kind of projects that made them get into construction in the first place.

For just over a year now, we’ve been doing just that—from deep dives on megaprojects to insights into how to do preconstruction more efficiently. While the BuildingConnected blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, today we’re thrilled to share that we’ll now be regularly contributing to the brand new blog for Autodesk Construction Cloud™.

You’ll still be able to read about BuildingConnected news and other preconstruction topics here, but you’ll also find us exploring the future of the construction industry on the Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog.

What will the Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog cover?

The Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog will explore the future of the industry through content about construction innovation, data and technology, and in-depth analysis of trends.

We’ll be teaming up with more experts across the construction lifecycle, including our friends from BIM 360’s Connect & Construct and PlanGrid’s Construction Productivity Blog, to explore a much wider range of topics, such as how to:

Effectively harness construction technology, starting in design and continuing all the way through operations

• Boost your company’s bottom line by leveraging powerful insights and analytics

• Unify data to create a connected and collaborative environment across project phase

• Find and retain top industry talent and partners

• Create winning strategies to bring more efficiency and less risk to your business and projects

With contributions from experts across the construction lifecycle, the Autodesk Construction Cloud blog will have everything you need to stay on the cutting edge of today’s fast-paced industry.

Join the Autodesk Construction Cloud community

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the entire Autodesk family and network to explore the future of the industry. In addition to top construction news and trends, we’ll also be sharing the latest product news and updates from Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Don’t miss out on these updates and more—learn how to be at the forefront of the construction industry by subscribing to the Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog today.

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