Since launching Custom Bid Forms two months ago, we’ve had hundreds of projects published and thousands of bids submitted using customized forms. We’ve also received dozens of suggestions from our amazing customers as to how we can make Custom Bid Forms even better.

We’re constantly working on improvements, but here are some of the recent upgrades that we made over the last couple of days.

Lock in Unit Quantities

Custom Bid Forms

You can now lock in quantities that you want bidders to use.

Formula-driven Excel Downloads

Custom Bid Forms

Our beautiful proposals spreadsheet now has built-in formulas. 

Select “Yes” to All

custom bid forms

Bidders can fill out your forms faster with bulk response actions.

Required Field Upgrades

custom bid forms

Required fields now only apply to bidders so you can override when logging bids on their behalf.

More Print Options

custom bid forms

Now you can quickly print or download Custom Bid Forms and draft bids without hassle.

Speed Enhancements

custom bid forms

Several improvements make loading and editing Bid Forms much faster.

Keep the suggestions coming!