The preconstruction industry is in the midst of transformation.

More owners are bringing on general contractors earlier in the preconstruction process, creating workload challenges and making preconstruction more critical than ever before. More processes, data, and information has made automation a necessity. Through technology, our industry is becoming increasingly transparent and collaborative.

Young professionals are entering construction in droves, expecting to use and leverage modern software tools to move forward in their careers and grow. Companies need to embrace technology now so the current and next generation of workers are set up for long-term success.

As the preconstruction landscape changes, high-quality data and information are crucial throughout the risk management process.

In short, automation is the future of preconstruction.

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What does automated risk management mean for preconstruction?

Traditional risk management processes are repetitive: they involve collecting and entering the same information over and over again. Any time you have repetitive processes, there is an opportunity for automation to increase efficiency and streamline operations.

The construction industry has seen major leaps forward in technology, but advances in risk management technology have lagged. Automated risk management removes these repetitive processes, especially around data collection or entry, thus making risk teams more efficient.

Efficiency is vital for risk management. How can small risk management teams inject themselves into preconstruction workflows nimbly, without creating bottlenecks? The only practical answer is through technology and automation.

That’s why we built TradeTapp — to empower these individuals to make meaningful contributions to crucial risk management processes without creating bottlenecks. The market for a comprehensive preconstruction process is what brought BuildingConnected and TradeTapp together.

What’s next for preconstruction?

There is a lot of duplicate work being done in preconstruction right now, particularly when it comes to data verification processes. General contractors want to trust the data they receive without having to do a lot of the legwork. TradeTapp and BuildingConnected verify data on behalf of customers, encouraging subcontractors to be more responsive.

Historically, the preconstruction space is limited to individual general contractor spheres. To improve the preconstruction process, general contractors need more visibility and insights into the subcontractor market. That means knowing when a subcontractor is backlogged or overcommitted. It’s time for the preconstruction space to evolve and encourage deeper collaboration among general contractors. BuildingConnected’s platform addresses these communication gaps and increases transparency throughout the entire preconstruction process.

Introducing TradeTapp by BuildingConnected

TradeTapp by BuildingConnected automates the evaluation process, analyzing data to produce a visual risk profile. Two different workflows offer automated, annual, and continuous qualification on the one hand and a project-specific evaluation process on the other. Both provide users with automated risk evaluation, industry benchmarking, detailed risk profiles, and mitigation recommendations.

Preconstruction and risk management teams carry a heavy burden. Our mission is to make this process easier and more efficient and to create a workflow that’s dynamic and customized to each organization.

Poor subcontractor selection costs the construction industry millions of dollars every year. Don’t let that happen to you.


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