The 4th annual Procore Groundbreak Conference was a success, with over 3,000 industry leaders and experts gathered to learn, share, and connect, highlighting the growth and exciting future of construction technology. There’s a lot to recap from the 80+ educational and thought-provoking sessions, new technology and tools in the Innovation Lab, and celebrity keynotes — here are a few of our favorite highlights.

Double data entry takes you away from what it was that got you into this business, and that is to build. So let’s build.

Tooey CourtemancheCEO of Procore

BuildingConnected and Ryan Companies share the stage

To kick things off, our Co-founder and CEO Dustin DeVan joined Ryan Companies’ Construction Applications Analyst Nicole Waits onstage to discuss how Ryan Companies used BuildingConnected to create consistency and transparency across its regional offices. According to Waits, before BuildingConnected, Ryan Companies tracked bids using an Excel template that lived on over 200 computers. That bid form Excel template morphed into different versions over time, becoming ever-more complex and cumbersome. Employees were using different bid forms, entering information manually, and trying to figure out who was working on projects.

To find a solution that would eliminate these problems, Ryan Companies created an internal team to find and beta test a software solution, but Waits knew that team couldn’t just be a “techy crowd.” It had to include naysayers and employees who prefer Excel to simulate real-life situations.

Waits said this internal team chose and successfully implemented BuildingConnected, and in doing so, better positioned Ryan Companies to react and respond as “one team.”

“It was almost confusing to go back in time when a subcontractor wanted us to use the old way,” said Waits.

In construction, a software company can’t just sell you a technology solution — they have to sell you a service-oriented partnership as well.

Dustin DeVanCEO of BuildingConnected

The emerging role of construction technologists

One theme that especially stood out at the conference was the emerging role of construction technologists. What is a construction technologist? In short, a construction technologist is a position that finds, tests, and implements new technology. Hitesh Dewan, University of California, Davis professor and Director of Technology Integration at Roebbelen Contracting, an award-winning construction company, gave a presentation on this growing trend. Companies need to successfully adopt new technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Dewan talked about how different companies and generations view technology differently. Some construction companies still do business the same way as when they started. Processes that may have worked in the past, but they need to change to keep up with the new reality of how the construction business is conducted through technology. According to Dewan, being a construction technologist is more than just teaching someone how to use an iPad or showing the company how to use an app; the role requires gaining trust, building an end-to-end solution, and centralizing efforts.

Demonstrate by doing. Teach by doing. The only way I can preach what I do is to use it every day.

Hitesh DewanDirector of Technology Integration, Roebbelen Contracting

Proud Procore partner

Thank you to our amazing partner Procore for creating an extraordinary, educational conference, from the keynotes by Procore’s CEO Tooey Courtemanche, two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning, and Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, to the showroom floor and speaking sessions. We’d also like to thank our customers and everyone that stopped by our booth. We can’t wait for Groundbreak 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Couldn’t make it to Groundbreak? You can still learn more about BuildingConnected.


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