BuildingConnected saves us at least a half hour per qualification, and we go through more than 20 qualifications per week. That’s 10 hours a week we save on prequalification -- plus additional time saved on day-to-day tasks and managing subcontractors.

Jessica RondashInformation Systems Analyst

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Founded in 1919 in Pearl River, New York, Holt Construction specializes in general contracting and construction management for commercial industries, taking on some of the most challenging projects such as data centers, airports, and healthcare buildings.

Holt Construction chose BuildingConnected to help them become more organized and streamline their bid management processes. BuildingConnected’s intuitive interface, reporting and communication capabilities, and qualification tools help Holt Construction better and more efficiently manage their subcontractor processes and relationships.

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Streamlining day-to-day processes

In the past, Holt Construction relied on time-consuming manual processes. “Before BuildingConnected, we were doing things very old-school. We used a Rolodex, emails, and phone calls. That was it. Now life is so much easier,” says Estimator, Stephen Fontana.

By automating their bid management, Holt Construction saves time and is able to find, qualify, and hire subcontractors for their projects.

“Everything needs to be done yesterday. If you’re not able to keep up with the pace, you’re no longer able to keep up with the industry. BuildingConnected gives us an edge because we’re able to move quickly through our tasks, whether it’s emailing subs, sending bids, or waiting for responses,” says Taylor Steucke, Assistant Project Manager at Holt Construction.

BuildingConnected cut our bid management time by a significant margin, which saves us money, and allows estimators to worry about actually estimating projects.

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Keeping projects and subcontractors organized

With dozens of projects going on and hundreds of subcontractors to manage at any one time, an efficient bid management process is key for Holt Construction to stays on top of bids. “BuildingConnected helps us keep track of what our subcontractors are seeing and doing. Now when we’re preparing a bid, we don’t have to scramble and look through emails to see who sent us what, when they sent it, and if they had any questions,” says Fontana.

Better organization through BuildingConnected’s bid management and bid history tools helped Holt Construction improve subcontractor communication. “The history tab and analytics allow us to build and strengthen relationships with subcontractors using tangible proof because all of the information is right there to see,” says Steucke.

Holt Construction also uses BuildingConnected’s network to find subcontractors in new markets. “In the past, it was time-consuming to search different regions to find subcontractors that fit specific requirements. The value we get with BuildingConnected’s network is incredibly important, and enables us to find what we need and have a subcontractor database in all 50 states,” Fontana explains.

Subcontractors love BuildingConnected, and if they have a couple of questions here and there, BuildingConnected’s support is always there to answer them quickly, and efficiently.

Jessica RondashInformation Systems Analyst
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Saving time and reducing liability with qualification

With BuildingConnected, Holt Construction automated their subcontractor qualification processes, reducing risk and saving time — up to 10 hours a week they used to spend on qualification tasks before using BuildingConnected.

“We used to track qualification in Excel. We’d send documents and our master agreement in a PDF. Subcontractors would then send back the information in a hundred different emails. A good portion of the time they would forget to answer or send us something,” says Jessica Rondash, Information Systems Analyst.