Headquartered in Minneapolis, Ryan Companies is a general contractor and national leader in commercial real estate services. Over the years, they’ve established themselves as one of the most capable and trustworthy leaders in the industry — and culture has played a pivotal role in building that reputation.

Here’s a look at how Ryan Companies’ unique culture has helped them retain talent, form lasting relationships with customers and subcontractors, and ultimately drive more business.

Maintaining a deep focus on integrity

When asked why they choose to work at Ryan Companies, team members are quick to note the organization’s emphasis on strong values.

What are company values? At their core, company values are the set of principles that guide every aspect of the business, from how customers are treated to how services are marketed and sold. For Ryan Companies, their shared values are what help unify the team and company culture across office locations.

“Everyone at Ryan would say that the culture is why they work here. Our company motto is, ‘Do the right thing,’ and it’s something we can all stand behind,” said Project Manager II Rachel Dana. The company’s focus on integrity goes beyond their motto, and the team pays a special mind to always practice what they preach. 

“Our customers know we’re always going to do the right thing,” said Nick Koch, Senior Project Manager, LEED AP. “We go above and beyond trying to exceed their expectations. We’ll tell the truth if there’s an issue or a hardship that comes up, be forthright and honest, and come up with a solution.”

Elevating community involvement and impact

Each year, Ryan Companies recognizes team members for embodying their values, presenting one person annually with the Jim Ryan Award.

“Jim Ryan was one of our former leaders, and stewardship was one of his biggest strengths. Each year, we have a staff-wide vote on who deserves the honor — that’s someone who’s involved in the community and stands out as a true leader within the company,” said Koch.

This widespread recognition helps promote leadership and community involvement, encouraging the team to impact their cities and develop more meaningful relationships with their local customers.

Striving to build the best team possible

Ryan Companies understands how crucial it is to hire the right team; in interviews with prospective candidates, they look for excellence in job skills as well as diverse talents and perspectives.

“I like working here because of the people,” said Senior Project Engineer Britta Ryan. “We have an amazing team.”

They’ve built an atmosphere you won’t find at many other general contractors: one where collaboration is encouraged and where both engagement and high performance are of equal focus.

“I love the collaboration that we have between our different groups,” said Director of Preconstruction Brian Goodwin. “It’s a fun place where we can truly collaborate to offer the best design and build services.”

Ryan Companies has also created a truly inclusive workplace where everyone can contribute, and present all team members with the same growth and leadership opportunities.

“There are definitely challenges that come with being a female in this industry. But working at Ryan — and growing my career all the way from an intern into the leader I am today — I see it as an opportunity to show other women that if I can do it, they can do it,” said Director of Project Controls Morgan Traynor.

How it impacts the bottom line

Ryan Companies’ culture has made it much easier for them to find clients to work with, and their team is deeply motivated to produce the best results possible.

“I’ve stayed at Ryan my entire career because of the atmosphere,” said Koch. “The values impact the success of our business because people trust us. That’s what puts us above and beyond a lot of our competitors.”

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