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Neal MortonVice President of Risk Management

Company overview

Barton Malow is a national commercial contractor based in Southfield, Michigan. The company was founded in 1924 and has expanded today to over 2,000 employees across 15 offices.

The challenge

Before TradeTapp, Barton Malow used a home-grown subcontractor qualification system. Because it was developed in-house, the system was difficult to maintain, unable to integrate with other tools, and couldn’t keep up with the technological demands of the industry. There was no automation between the risk management and estimation processes, leading to workflow inefficiencies between internal teams. After examining the challenges posed by their outdated system, Barton Malow knew it was time to switch to a best-in-class platform that would set the organization up for future success.

The solution

Barton Malow chose TradeTapp because it provides a subcontractor qualification solution that addresses their needs today and in the future — not their needs from 15 years ago. With TradeTapp, Barton Malow eliminated a number of unnecessary steps from their qualification process and are able to ensure that the right people are making the right recommendations to eliminate the most risk. Barton Malow has already managed nearly 5,000 subcontractor applications in TradeTapp, and the team estimates that the platform has eliminated at least four weeks of work from their process, helping the team move faster than ever before. Through TradeTapp’s integrations with BC Pro, ERP, and accounting platforms, Barton Malow now has a solution that will grow as their qualification process advances and adapts to the changing construction industry.

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