It used to take me four hours to put together a bid invite and send it out. With BuildingConnected, the whole thing takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Cory WilsonEstimator

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Privately owned since 1986, BCCI Construction specializes in structure and interior projects for a variety of industries in the San Francisco Bay Area, including technology companies. The company has managed to earn an unparalleled reputation among their clients, but keeping pace with a region as influential as the Bay Area requires any construction company — even the best — to constantly review their processes.

BCCI Construction chose BuildingConnected to help safeguard their clients’ investments and tighten up the preconstruction phase. BuildingConnected’s qualification process for subcontractors and user-friendly tools that speed up the bidding process have kept BCCI Construction above the rest in a highly demanding region.

BuildingConnected’s prequalification process is a very important aspect of our preconstruction efforts that all of our estimating team benefits from on a daily basis.

Don TiefenbrunnVice President of Preconstruction

Qualifying subcontractors to guard against risk

It’s crucial to find the right subcontractors and properly vet them during the preconstruction process.

“We qualify subcontractors so we can ensure they’re financially responsible and reliable. BuildingConnected’s Qualification Manager is safe and secure so our subs can rest easy knowing their sensitive information is protected,” explains Mirna Zappin, Department Manager for Preconstruction.

Securing the required level of confidentiality from each subcontractor is important as well to comply with the individual needs of each client.

Zappin says, “Clients are becoming more confidential these days. They don’t want people to know what they’re building. What I love about BuildingConnected is they’ve made it super easy for us to alert subs to NDA projects. When the sub receives the invite, they can’t open it until they’ve accepted the NDA. Once they accept, it constitutes a signature, so it really helps us create better efficiencies in our process.”

It used to take me four hours to put together a bid invite and send it out. With BuildingConnected, the whole thing takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Cory WilsonEstimator

Improving the efficiency of the bid process

In addition to finding qualified subcontractors, being able to manage the bid process with speed and ease is equally important during preconstruction. Since using BuildingConnected, BCCI Construction has noticed a big difference in productivity, and there has been a significant reduction in the time it takes for estimators to do their job.

Tiefenbrunn says, “When you’re dealing with hundreds of subs on a project, that adds up to a lot of time spent on calls when we need to be doing other important things too. BuildingConnected saves us all that extra time because we can see — right in the software — that the subcontractor opened the invite and reviewed it. We can get a real-time status at any given point in the process, which allows us greater control of the outcome of the bid.”

Communicating effectively with subcontractors

Since using BuildingConnected, communicating with subcontractors has meant far fewer headaches and wasted effort on behalf of the estimating team.

Estimator Cory Wilson says, “I’m constantly referencing a previous job thinking I did something just like this two years ago. With BuildingConnected, I can duplicate it, pull the same sub, and send him a message saying, ‘Hey, this is just like the one we did two years ago. Can you put something together for me?’ And the response is, ‘Absolutely.’”

BuildingConnected saves me time whenever I need to communicate with and update the subs on new drawings that have been given to us midway through a bidding process.

Kenji FrommProject Engineer