With BC Pro, you can get the leveling done at the same time you’re soliciting bids. It makes the whole process quicker, more efficient, and more accurate.

Anthony FleshmanSenior Estimator, Plaza Construction

Comparing bids is time-consuming. You have to manually enter information and sift through an endless amount of Excel spreadsheets. General contractors need a way to quickly and accurately level their bids. With our Bid Leveling tool, users can compare bids side-by-side, increase transparency, reduce risk upfront, plug numbers to easily edit values, and collaborate to get results faster and more efficiently.

See how our customers are using Bid Leveling to optimize the preconstruction process and make their day-to-day lives easier.

Getting out of Excel

Michael SC

“The Bid Leveling tool is fantastic for the simple fact that it gets us out of Excel. Everything is done in one place, and then we can export a final product instead of trying to export something and then edit it in the background. Having one tool and one space to come do and find everything is what we really needed in preconstruction.”

– Michael Patt, Preconstruction Manager, SC Builders

Quickly evaluate subcontractor bids

doug novo

“The Bid Leveling tool in BC Pro has proven very valuable for our team. We have to communicate with our clients in short order with respect to budgets, when we get the drawings in, and how quickly we needed to respond. Bid Leveling allows us to quickly evaluate subcontractor bids for scope coverage, dollars, and make sure everybody’s getting a fair evaluation so that we can move forward with a more detailed evaluation and schedule.”

– Doug Ballou, Project Executive and Preconstruction Manager, NOVO Construction

Increase efficiency

melanie novo

“None of the other software programs I’ve ever used have leveled bids. The bid form and Bid Leveling tools are amazing, and I think it’s a key feature of BuildingConnected. It makes our project team more efficient when they’re able to quickly evaluate subcontractor numbers, and it provides a starting point for us to be able to fully evaluate the bids.”

– Melanie Dodson, Preconstruction Manager, NOVO Construction

Change how you do your job

“Before BuildingConnected’s Bid Leveling tool, we used these giant, arduous Excel spreadsheets with multiple tabs to compare bids. It was very confusing: we had a lot of double data entry and multiple project managers working in the same spreadsheet at once, so a lot of times their work wouldn’t save. With Bid Leveling, we can send out notifications for changes in drawings or schedules, and subcontractors can react and resubmit immediately. It’s changed my day-to-day job.”

– Rachel Dana, Project Manager, Ryan Companies

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