Before BuildingConnected we used Excel, which presented a lot of problems, whether it be miscalculations or missed data entry. Distributing bids used to take 2 days, and now it takes 30 minutes.

Stanley AbellardEstimator

Ditch Excel and email. Cut your preconstruction process down from days to hours.


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Plaza Construction is a New York-based general contractor with $1 billion in annual revenue. Plaza Construction has been a leader in construction for decades and is responsible for Miami’s new skyscraper, the One Thousand Museum. To maintain their competitive edge, Plaza Construction needed to find a way to streamline its bidding process and optimize communication with subcontractors.

Plaza Construction chose BC Pro by BuildingConnected to transform its preconstruction process from beginning to end. BC Pro’s time-saving management features and data analytics have helped Plaza Construction maintain its position as pioneers in construction.

BuildingConnected has cut in half the time we spend reaching out to subs, getting proposals, and leveling those proposals.

Nick DownesDirector of Estimating and Purchasing

Streamlining bidding and subcontractor communication

Plaza Construction used to spend too much time managing their bidding process and keeping bid info up-to-date across emails, spreadsheets, and calls.

Senior Estimator Anthony Fleshman remembers what it was like. “Before BuildingConnected, we sent everything via email. We’d send out a bid invitation with a link to an FTP site and then have to follow up to make sure the contractor actually got the email and did something with it.”

“Only a few people knew how to use the FTP site, so there was a lot of waiting if they weren’t around. And if we had to update the bid list, we’d have to either save another copy or distribute the information through email. It just wasn’t efficient,” says Katherine DiGiorgi, Assistant Estimator.

But now that Plaza Construction uses BC Pro, these inefficiencies are a thing of the past. Information is updated instantaneously all in one place, so everyone can stay up to speed. They use BC Pro’s communication tools and features to easily keep team members accountable and to know when to follow up with subcontractors.

Fleshman says, “Now, we send out the invitation and can see at a glance the status of the bid — whether they viewed it, intend to bid or not, or are still undecided — and then take the necessary action to follow up with them. It knocks hours off the time that I spend putting together a list of bidders on any project. I can go into BuildingConnected and get all the information in a snap.”

When I have to get a list of 10 to 15 subcontractors with their updated information for a particular trade, it takes me maybe an hour with BuildingConnected. If I were to use our old method with Excel sheets and emails, it would take me the entire day.

Katherine DiGiorgiAssistant Estimator