The construction industry has been using email and Excel spreadsheets to manage their bid boards and daily workload for decades. While you can now efficiently and easily manage your bid board online, many subcontractors still haven’t yet made the switch.

To help you better manage your bid board and daily workload, here are several of our favorite resources — plus tips for overcoming the challenges of using email and Excel, and what general contractors look for in their subcontractors.

See how you can gain a competitive advantage by taking your bid board online through increased visibility, efficiency, and the tools you need to make smarter decisions. Win the bids you want, and create an easy-to-use process for the entire company.

The 5 most common causes of lost bids

For many subcontractors, managing the high volume of bids without an online bid board is a major headache. This results in losing bids you should have won — an industry-wide, yet avoidable problem. In fact, 99% of subcontractors who track bids in email or Excel miss multiple bid invites a year. Check out the five most common cause of bid loss, and how you can overcome each one to save your team time and money, dramatically increase your hit rates, and make bid loss a thing of the past.

4 ways estimators can better manage their daily workload

Today’s estimators face a seemingly endless stream of tasks and deadlines. In a sea of bid invites, due dates, and job walks, how can they possibly keep track of it all? Thankfully, there are a few strategies that can help subcontractors stay organized and better manage their daily workloads. Read about some of our favorites.

3 qualities general contractors look for in their subcontractors

There are millions of subcontractors in North America. In order to stand out to general contractors and get invited to bid on the jobs they want, subcontractors need to find every advantage they can to stay ahead of the competition. Here are three qualities that general contractors look for in subcontractors.

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