More than 700,000 subcontractors use BuildingConnected to receive bid invites every day. Today, we’re excited to announce the next evolution in preconstruction for subcontractors. We’ve transformed Opportunity Manager Pro into Bid Board Pro, a premium suite of preconstruction tools proven to increase win rates by up to 25%.

Bid Board Pro is the most powerful preconstruction tool we’ve ever built for subcontractors. All the features you know and love, plus a new calendar. Take a look:

Increase your win rate up to 25%

Subcontractors who’ve fully moved their bidding process to Bid Board Pro have transformed their business. These are the results they’ve seen:

  • Win rates increase up to 25%
  • 2.3x more bids submitted on time versus before using Bid Board Pro
  • Manual data entry and bid board management time decreased by 80%
  • Estimators save 5-8 hours of work per week while increasing hit rates
reports for subcontractors

Never miss a bid again

Get the most out of Bid Board Pro. Manage all of your team’s bid invites in one place, not just those sent from general contractors through BuildingConnected. If you or a teammate gets a bid invitation, you can turn it into an opportunity on your bid board by simply forwarding the email to

You’ll soon get follow-ups and reminders for key due dates, detailed analytics and reports, and more.

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Log in to Bid Board Pro and get the most out of your bid board today.