Putting together a proposal takes a lot of time and hard work. Despite this, the reality of the industry is that subcontractors don’t always hear back on whether or not they won the job. To get that information, subcontractors often need to follow-up. But managing tons of bid invites in different systems is time-consuming and makes it easy for follow-ups to fall off when they get busy.

We wanted to make it easier for subcontractors to follow up on their proposals and get the information they need to bid smarter. That’s why we’re excited to introduce bid viewed notifications. With this feature, subcontractors get an email from Bid Board Pro whenever a general contractor views a bid for the first time. Bid Board Pro also has other features to help subcontractors with follow-ups, such as the ability to set follow-up dates, get reminders, comment on bids, and receive notifications when their proposals are viewed.

bid viewed

Bid viewed notifications make follow-up more effective because subcontractors can reach out to general contractors when their proposal is top of mind. By getting feedback, subcontractors can make revisions and increase their chances of winning the bid.

To learn more about bid viewed notifications and Bid Board Pro, join our webinar on Thursday, August 22 at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET.

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