We’re proud to announce the launch of our new favorite feature: Custom Bid Forms. Starting today, all BC Pro subscribers will be able to easily create bid forms that ensure bidders submit proposals in the way that you want them structured! You no longer need to worry about scouring through dozens of proposals in inconsistent formats, maintaining complex spreadsheets with fragile formulas, or tracking down vendors just to confirm what they actually included in their proposal. All the information you need is laid out side-by-side in a refreshing new Proposals Viewer, so your team can quickly analyze and start awarding contracts.


Spend less time scouring through proposals

Analyzing bids is drastically more efficient when all your proposals are submitted in the same format. We give you all the tools you need to quickly and painlessly create a highly customizable bid form that your bidders can fill out directly in BuildingConnected. All your information will be available in our new Proposals Viewer in exactly the way you want it.

introducing custom bid forms

Easy on them, so that it’s easy on you

The form that your vendors fill out is simple and intuitive, and it eliminates the errors and confusion that are caused with traditional bid forms. We make it as easy as possible for vendors to submit bids, but we also make it simple and quick for you to submit a bid on a vendor’s behalf. If you receive a proposal outside of BuildingConnected, just quickly fill out the bid form and attach any documents so that your team is instantly ready to evaluate.

introducing custom bid forms

Digital consent and document acknowledgments

Vendors can electronically acknowledge documents, addenda, inclusions, and project requirements when submitting their proposals, so you won’t have to worry about countless hours of phone calls to follow up with vendors. We’ll give you a permanent digital record of acknowledgments, so that you can easily review when it is time to award contracts.

Reusability is the key to efficiency

Much of your bid forms are going to be very similar from project to project. We make it easy to create templates and reuse existing bid forms, so you can continue to publish projects quickly and painlessly.

We work with the tools you already use

You put a lot of work into your current bid forms and estimating tools; we don’t want to replace the hard work you’ve done! We’ll import your existing bid forms as templates and let you export all your proposals anytime in a nicely formatted Excel file.

Leveling and budgeting, historical costs, and so much more!

Custom Bid Forms is just the start. We’ll be adding a ton of new features to help you analyze and level proposals, manage your budgets and track variance, and retrieve historical costs to use for future projects. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Custom Bid Forms, and we’re looking forwarding to giving you the many follow-up features we’re working on.

Happy Building!

introducing custom bid forms