Leaderboard Featured ImageLeaderboards track all the great things in life. Your favorite NFL players. Who’s hitting all the strikes at the local bowling tournament. And now, how your estimators, clients, and competitors stack up against each other.

Bid Board Pro’s new leaderboard platform instantly shows you who has the best and worst hit rate, which clients you’re winning and losing, and much more. Why are these data-driven insights important? Because with this knowledge you’ll know how to improve your team’s performance and where to focus your efforts for the best results.

Check out these 3 exciting ways to use leaderboard:

Too aggressive or too conservative?

Finding the optimal hit rate to maximize profits is the million dollar question. And Bid Board Pro’s leaderboard gives you the data to do just that.

For example, let’s say your leaderboard shows Nate’s hit rate at 15% and Jenny’s hit rate at 50%. When you compare these hit rates with the final project revenue, you see that Jenny is bidding too low and not making the company money. Nate is the other extreme. He’s bidding too conservatively and not winning enough construction.

With leaderboard, we make it easy to see which estimators are trending the right way and which estimators may need a little help. Use this knowledge to create best practices and improve how your team calculates costs.

Leaderboard BuildingConnected

See which clients make your A-list

We give you complete visibility into your best and worst performing clients, so you know where to allocate resources for maximum returns. Instantly see your hit rate, total wins and losses, and average bid amount for every GC in your network. It’s time to start having smarter conversations with your clients based on real-time information.

Are you beating the competition?

You can even track how you’re doing compared to your competitors. Understand why you’re winning or losing bids to other subcontractors, and create actionable plans to improve your company’s performance.

Stop wasting hours of your week manually tracking your company’s performance. We do all the work for you. Find out who’s #1 on your leaderboard >>