Today we are proud to announce the launch of Opportunity Manager, the first bid management tool designed with subcontractors in mind. And it’s refreshingly easy to use!

For years subcontractors have struggled to track all of their bid invites, and important projects have fallen through the cracks. Now our game-changing technology makes it super easy to manage all your bid opportunities in one place. Check out some of the great features we offer:

Automatically sync your invites

Our number one priority is to save you time. That’s why it takes literally zero effort to set up Opportunity Manager. All the invites your office has received through BuildingConnected are already in the system.

What about the bid invites you didn’t get through BuildingConnected? Simply forward your invite to, and we’ll instantly add it to your account. This way all your opportunities will be in one place, and you don’t have to do a thing!

From bid invite to final award

Know the status of all your bid invites with our pipeline feature. It’s easy to see which opportunities still need to be submitted, which ones you’re waiting to hear back on and which projects you’ve won.

We know that privacy is important to you. That’s why all your tracking information can only be seen by your company and is never shared with your client.

Never miss an important deadline again

Quick and Easy BiddingNeed a way to track who’s working on what? You can assign each opportunity to someone on your team, so your projects are always accounted for.

We also sync with all your favorite calendar applications, such as Google and Outlook. This way you’ll always know about your next due date or job walk, and you can even manage your schedule on the go.

Your entire bidding history at your fingertips

Use our beautiful graphs and custom reports to understand trends, measure your success and have smarter conversations with clients. These invaluable insights can help you optimize and ultimately grow your business.

Quick and Easy BiddingWant a guided tour? Drop us a line and we’ll set up a demo.