Picking the right way to manage a bid board can be a tough process. A lot of times, companies decide between Excel vs. an online bid board, but there’s another option — Outlook.

To manage a bid board in Outlook, subcontractors set up folders to drop job details into based on where they are in the bidding process (i.e. current and completed jobs). Outlook is also used as a file server of sorts. Documents that general contractors send — such as project plans — are kept in Outlook so they can be accessed later. This way of managing a bid board makes it easy to search for emails and documents, but it also creates a lot of manual entry and admin work. Constantly moving job details from one folder to another takes time and since they don’t sync up with your calendar, you always have to manually add and update dates.

On the other hand, an online bid board is built for preconstruction with subcontractors in mind. With an online bid board, you can automatically add due dates, assign bids, manage workloads, easily organize events, sync your bid board with your calendar, and vice versa.

View our PDF to see how Outlook falls short in managing your bid calendar and the benefits of switching to an online bid board. Stop missing bid invites, deadlines, and job walks by making the switch today!

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