Preparing data for Monday meetings can be time-consuming for subcontractors. To get the most of their data, subcontractors need visibility across their entire team. But a lot of that information is spread out and not readily available. For example, 65% of subcontractors don’t track their win rate. That’s alarming when managers and executives ask for information on upcoming and in-progress bids and closed lost reports. Having easy access to this valuable data is important to know that you’re spending your time and resources correctly.

Bid Board Pro’s reporting feature helps you keep tabs on your entire business, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new and improved version! In addition to autosaving, visual updates, new filters and columns, and an easier user experience, subcontractors now have access to:

  • Reports sharing: Create a report and share the link with anyone in your company. The report automatically stays up to date with all the bids you’re tracking on your bid board.
  • Dynamic date ranges: Answer all of your managers’ questions, such as: “What’s due in the next two weeks?”
  • Coming soon: Refine opportunities in a report by searching by name, client, and location. A calculation bar at the bottom of reports that shows the average total submitted value.

With Bid Board Pro, you can save and share custom reports on all upcoming jobs, bids in progress, and much more in a matter of minutes. All reports and bidding info are updated in real-time so you can easily send it to your team whenever, wherever. No more being unprepared or scrambling through Excel spreadsheets.

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