BuildingConnected users now have the option to publicly post projects to a custom branded page on BuildingConnected. Whether you post this link on your website or send it separately to your vendors, this is a really easy way to share all of your public projects and increase your bidder coverage.

This is how a Public Plan Room looks:

Public Plan room
Even better, we provide a version of your Public Plan Room that can easily be embedded on your own website so that all your current public projects are listed there as well! Similarly to your Public Plan Room link, the embedded version will automatically link to all of your public projects so you never have to update or do anything to this once it is set up.

Here is what the embedded version looks like:

Public Plan room

In true BuildingConnected fashion, making a project public is really easy. All you need to do is check a box when you are first filling in all of the project information.

We’re really excited to roll out this new feature! If you are still interested in learning more about our Public Plan Room feature, check out our video tutorial here.