When most people think “software implementation,” they imagine a long, painful, labor-intensive process. But in the case of subcontractor prequalification software, implementation can be a breeze — that is, if you’ve chosen a company with the resources to make it as quick and seamless as possible.

For owners and general contractors who switch to TradeTapp, it typically only takes two phone calls after purchase to be fully up and running. This small investment of time offers ample returns in both efficiencies gained and financial risks avoided.

An introduction to TradeTapp

TradeTapp, BuildingConnected’s subcontractor prequalification and risk mitigation platform, was built based on first-hand industry experience in construction risk management. Rooted in what’s practical for builders, the platform utilizes a blended approach of financial metrics, safety performance, backlog assessment, and operational history to evaluate subcontractor risk.

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How do we onboard our clients?

Our team understands that when you adopt new software, your day-to-day responsibilities still continue. That’s why we shoulder as much of the implementation burden as we can, handling all data transfer and manual work on our end. Throughout the process, a dedicated Implementation Manager will work with your team to configure your account, develop the best possible workflows, and train all users on the platform.

Curious exactly how it all works? Let’s break down the three major phases of onboarding and developing an implementation plan with TradeTapp.

Phase 1: Subcontractor database import

The idea of porting over all of your subs and the information attached to each one can feel intimidating. However, it’s really as simple as exporting the information from your legacy system and sending it over to the TradeTapp team. From there, we’ll take the information provided and handle the upload for you. If you’re upgrading from our legacy system, BC Qualification Manager, we handle the entire process for you, beginning to end.

After we port over your subcontractor database, your users can start inviting subs to prequalify in TradeTapp. Thanks to BuildingConnected’s network of over a million subcontractors, many of your subs will be familiar with our software and may already have accounts set up. If they aren’t familiar with BuildingConnected, our team will support them through the quick and easy process of prequalifying.

Phase 2: Prequalification forms

This one’s also a super easy step: just send over your existing forms, and we’ll recreate all of them for you. We’ll help configure your subcontractor questionnaires to ensure you’re collecting the right data. Finally, we’ll set up TradeTapp users and permissions and establish approval rules to create workflows tailored to your organization’s needs.

Phase 3: Team training

In our experience, GCs and owners using TradeTapp are most successful when they:

• Define and commit to a go-live date
• Communicate internally to the project team
• Dedicate an internal point of contact

• Set metrics and KPIs to measure success

As we progress through onboarding, we’ll help your team develop tactics to make progress towards the KPIs you identify at the beginning of implementation.

With TradeTapp, we don’t just hand you the keys and say, “Good luck.” Our Customer Support team, Success Managers, and Implementation Specialists offer unlimited training. They’re always happy to schedule individual calls so that adoption is successful within your team and across departments.


It really is that simple: using this proven implementation method, we’ve seen GCs adopt TradeTapp in as little as 30 days. It takes a full commitment from the beginning, but once all parties are behind the initiative, establishing a better prequalification process is as simple as saying “yes” to getting started.

Have questions about TradeTapp? Request a demo today!