Finally, a bid management solution that is refreshingly different, ridiculously easy to use, and releases you from ever having to update your contact database again.

easy bidding
We are excited to officially announce the launch of BuildingConnected Pro and the roll out our brand new blog. If you’re reading this now, then you’ve also noticed our completely refreshed website! We hope that our new site, blog and enhanced services give you a little more insight into the value of BuildingConnected and shows you just how much we have your back when it comes to bid management.

Coming to the Rescue

All good stories start at the beginning, so let’s rewind to 2012 when our Founder & CEO, Dustin DeVan, quit his job. Dustin spent six years working for General Contractors like Bechtel, Rudolph & Sletten and XL Construction, and while he loved his job, he was frustrated with the incredibly disorganized communication that took place during the bidding process. He became convinced that there was a better way to save the industry time by creating a more streamlined tool for bid management.

In March of 2012, Dustin set off on his mission, but first, he needed to find at a technical CoFounder that shared his vision. Here is where our heroic CoFounder & CTO, Jesse Pedersen, entered the picture. Jesse and Dustin met while at UC Davis but it was his strong technical background, working as a Web Developer, Engineer, and Technical CoFounder, that made him the perfect partner for Dustin in their quest towards efficiency.

In March of 2013, the dynamic duo began to build out what is now the most comprehensive bid management tool on the market. Many personal sacrifices had to be made over the years but both Dustin and Jesse were driven by the core ideas that:

  1. Bid management shouldn’t be so hard
  2. Communication should be free, and
  3. Updating a contact database is an unnecessary hassle

Despite operating in a private beta, BuildingConnected is already used by over 200 General Contractors across the country including powerhouses like Turner Construction, McCarthy and Skanska. We are now exiting private beta and are thrilled to be available to the entire commercial construction community! In addition to our awesome free services, we are releasing BC Pro which includes solutions unlike anything else on the market.

A Look Into BC Pro

BC Pro allows users to access all of our new premium tools including Performance Analytics, Cost Data, Relationship Tracking, Cloud Storage Integration and NDAs / Sealed Bids. These tools allow you to work faster so that you can be more efficient. Since at BuildingConnected, we know it’s about time!

The Beginning of Easy Bidding

Through innovative and sleek products, we’re tackling some of the industries biggest problems. We are devoted to making our customers’ lives easier. We’ve started with saving them hundreds of hours in coordination time each year but we are nowhere near done. Check back in with us from time to time and see what new things we have coming, we promise to always bring a refreshingly different approach!