The very first day I started working in construction risk management, my new boss challenged me with something I couldn’t fully appreciate at the time.

He said, “The hardest thing you’ll do here is to integrate a risk management mindset into our operational teams. Find ways to make our project managers think like risk managers, and we’ll become a better company.”

He was right. After my first year in the risk group, I still hadn’t made the impact I wanted on our project teams. I wanted to become more efficient and get involved in our most important processes without creating a bottleneck. Lo and behold, as I searched for ways to bring value to our company, I concluded that subcontractor qualification is perhaps the most unique workflow for construction companies. It involves the greatest intersection of information and input across risk groups and project or estimating teams.

That’s why BuildingConnected acquired TradeTapp last year — to let general contractors manage their entire preconstruction process in one place with the most advanced tools on the market. Now, our products are fully integrated. Here’s an in-depth look at what TradeTapp and BuildingConnected can accomplish together and what it means for our customers.

The problem TradeTapp and BuildingConnected solve together

Before, risk managers struggled with efficiently analyzing, assessing, and communicating plans for subcontractor risk due to being outnumbered internally and trying to serve many projects at once.

Together, TradeTapp and BuildingConnected solve this problem, letting contractors solicit company, financial, safety, insurance, and other data, from their subcontractors, via either platform. We like to say, “estimators live in BuildingConnected, and risk managers live in TradeTapp. Let the systems do the work of talking to one another.”

In TradeTapp, teams can assess risk, make decisions about qualification statuses, and communicate automatically through their company’s BuildingConnected account. In BuildingConnected, estimators can search for subcontractors and build their bid lists, knowing exactly where each of their subs stand in the qualification process.

The difference between us and everyone else

TradeTapp and BuildingConnected’s founding teams share a similar story. We both came from construction, had hands-on experience with the challenges our customers face, and wanted to create something that would simplify preconstruction for everyone.

We set out to build something practical for risk managers to use. TradeTapp helps customers identify risk while also giving them the tools they need to create, strategize, and build smarter — mitigating issues before they happen. Customers love TradeTapp because it has built-in workflows that can be tailored to their organization. Everyone manages risk differently. TradeTapp helps general contractors formalize and streamline their unique qualification process during the preconstruction phase.

risk management

In part 2, I go over when it’s the right time to think about TradeTapp and BuildingConnected, the market triggers that make this combined solution so important, and what TradeTapp and BuildingConnected are doing to address other industry challenges. You can also take a look at the 3 principles of a successful qualification workflow.

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