Earlier this week, our own Darlene Bereznicki led a webinar all about bidding smarter with Bid Board Pro. With today’s subcontractors busier than ever before, bidding smarter means making the most of your data to make better decisions about bids. Bid Board Pro’s analytics features are super easy to use and your best way to start bidding smarter today.

Here’s a quick recap of what she shared. If you’d prefer to catch up on everything you missed, check out the recording here!

Manually tracking hit rate can be challenging

If you’ve ever manually tracked your bids, you’re probably familiar with the challenges it creates. It often means wasting bidding hours on jobs you’re less likely to win because, without easy access to data and trends, it’s difficult to prioritize the right bids.

Even if you do have all of your data available, it takes a long time to input that data and set up formulas in Excel to get analytics—plus, duplicates might mean your results are inaccurate. This means not knowing why you’re winning or losing jobs. When manually tracking bids, it’s hard to see trends and why you may be losing over time with specific GCs.

Tracking bids with an online bid board is easy

Ultimately, you want to have quicker and easier access to this sort of information so you can spend more time getting bids out the door for the right projects. With Bid Board Pro’s analytics, getting data and making better decisions is much easier:

• You can spend your time bidding on bids you’re likely to win.
• You can get answers in real-time.
• You can keep tabs on your entire business.

Bid Board Pro makes it easy to win the work you want

Using Bid Board Pro, you can spend your bidding hours on jobs you’re more likely to win. Bid Board Pro makes it easy to check your win rate and see how to improve it by looking for patterns across jobs won or lost.

You can also get the answers you need in real-time: Bid Board Pro automatically updates with new data as it comes in, and you can generate custom reports that filter for specific info, like jobs in the next two weeks.

Finally, Bid Board Pro allows subcontractors to easily keep tabs on their entire business. You can save and share detailed reports with your team instantly, plus see how each estimator is doing to track team performance.

Watch the recording

To catch up on what you missed—and get a quick demo of how you can begin tracking and analyzing your bid history data—check out the recording of “How to bid smarter with Bid Board Pro.”

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